Here are some frequently asked questions.
Please check before consulting individually.

About inquiries

I want to communicate directly with the person in charge.
If you register for membership from this website, you will be able to use the question form. From there, you can communicate directly with the person in charge.
How can I request an estimate?
If you register for membership from this website, you will be able to use the order form. Ocean freight rates vary depending on the destination country and timing. Therefore, please note that an estimate will be generated each time.

About containers

What kind of car do you have?
SUZUKI / DAIHATSU / HONDA mini vans and mini trucks will be the main products. After ordering, the order will be confirmed, and the model may differ depending on the timing of purchase. For details, see Container-page.
How do we do the assembly work?
Our engineers can assist you in assembling a disassembled car. (Additional costs will be incurred) Please contact us if you need local education. Online video learning content is also in preparation.
Is it possible to transport other products besides cars?
Items that can be purchased from Japan are available. However, container space is limited, and there are also tariffs and export / import restrictions. If you wish, please contact us in advance.

About transactions

Is it possible to make regular transactions?
We also support regular transactions if needed. Please contact us in advance about how long and how much volume you would like. You can also visit the work places in Japan for your perusal.
What is the payment method?
Estimate → After making a contract, you will be required to pay the cost in US dollars by bank transfer. If you wish to receive a receipt, we will issue a digital receipt online.
Is it possible to pay in currencies other than US dollars?
Euro, British Pound, Australian Dollar, NZ Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Hong Kong Dollar and South Aland are available.

About this website

What is membership?
By registering for membership on this website, you will be able to consult with the person in charge, request a quote and place an order on My Page. Click here to register.
I forgot my login ID and password.
You can be reissued your password here. If you lose your login ID, please register again or contact us.