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It supports English and Japanese.

What can I do when I become a member?

  • Consultation counter

    Consult to us

    You can talk directly to the person in charge about the services of EzCars.

  • make a quote

    Request a quote

    You can request a quote before ordering. It is possible to know the required payment amount in advance.

  • Document creation such as B/L


    You can also exchange necessary documents online.

  • Save history

    Confirmation of order status

    Transactions can be made safely because the contents of orders placed in the past and the communication with the person in charge are well documented.

How to register

  1. Membership form

    Please use the membership registration form on this website.

    Fill in the required information on the membership registration form and click the “Register” button. A notification email will be sent to your registered email address.

  2. user

    After confirmation, it will be officially registered.

    The person in charge will contact you after confirming the contents. Soon-after, it will be officially registered and you will be able to use the membership function without any delay.

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